World Handicap System Update -WHS 


You may or may not be aware that on November 2nd 2020 the UK will be joining a World Handicap System (WHS). It has been designed to make handicaps easier, give all golfers a Handicap Index that can be transferred from club to club worldwide. This will enable us all to compete, or play recreationally, fairly regardless of where we play.

The WHS Portal will allow us to check our Handicap Index which will then be converted to a playing handicap by checking the Slope rating of any course you play. The slope rating will be displayed in a prominent position at clubs i.e. outside the Pro Shop, near the 1st tee or in the clubhouse.

We kindly request that you all log on to the WHS Portal on the following link (or copy and paste into your browser)
this will allow you to see your new handicap which you will need to know when you play golf from 2nd November. When logging on to the portal you will be asked for your membership number this is your CDH number which can be found on Master Scoreboard, click on “My Golf” and then on “Handicap Certificate” the number starts with 600 (10 digits in total). If anyone has a problem logging on please contact Nicky at

Please note if you DO NOT have a handicap you will be unable to login . For those members currently without handicaps you will be entered onto the system once your initial handicap is obtained
You will need to check your Handicap Index after each time you enter a competition or submit a supplementary card.

The new system WILL NOT change the way we input a score on the computer.
There is a series of short videos on YouTube which will inform you on the new WHS. Please click on this link(or copy and paste into your browser)

1. Designation of your ‘Home’ club to manage and maintain your Handicap Index.
2. Only scores from individual stroke play formats of play will count for
handicap (Medal, Stableford; competition and recreational).
3. Pre-registering your recreational rounds before going out to play.
4. Maximum hole score capped at net double bogey (or zero Stableford points).
5. Handicap Allowances will be used, depending on the format of play.
6. Maximum Handicap Index of 54.0, for both genders.
7. Handicaps will be updated ready for the next day.

1. Your ‘handicap’ will become your Handicap Index, reflecting your
demonstrated ability.
2. A move to a more responsive calculation method (averaging versus incremental).
3. Rather than memory being based on your immediate past handicap – it will be based
on the lowest handicap you have achieved in the last 365 days.
4. Handicaps will not lapse, or become ineligible for play in competitions.
5. The Competition Scratch Score will become a daily Playing Conditions Calculation.
6. Rather than your upward movement being restricted to 0.1 – the more
responsive calculation method will allow your handicap to increase faster – but not too fast due to other safeguards that are built into the calculation.

1. Your Handicap Index will be converted into a Course Handicap, depending on the
difficulty of the course being played from the chosen set of tees. The difficulty of a
golf course is assessed through Course Rating and Slope Rating.
2. A capping mechanism which will suppress and eventually prevent upward increases
in your Handicap Index.

NB Please check your handicap index after 2nd Nov ready for our return to golf on the 9th as there may be a slight change as the current handicap indexes are based on all counting scores up until the end of September , scores in October are not currently included but will be by the 2nd November