April News

9th April 2017

April began with a 3 ball waltz with John Barrack ,David Griffiths and Derrick Thomas winning with 83 pts. This was followed by the Ladies Challenge Cup qualifier(scratch) & Thora Bowler which was won with a net 76 by Elspeth Owen. The same day saw the start of the Mens Summer League- with Alex Pile winning the first round with 35 pts.. Our Masters competition day was a huge success with 19 teams going out and playing in beautiful weather conditions. The winners were Abe Forsythe, Fred Malin Jacob Layfield and Mike Disney with a net 51.3. The Presidents and Vice President qualifier was up next, despite the cooler conditions Matthew Clarke and Nicholas James came in with a fantastic net 61. The 16 teams that have qualified can be viewed on Masterscorboard.

2nd round of the Summer league was won by Nathan Proctor with a great net 65. The Ladies Coronation Foursome Qualifier was won by Shelia Ashton and Caroline Allsion who qualify to represent the club in the next round.

The Mens GUW qualifier was won by Joseph Kiff with a score of 44pts, while the 3rd round of the Summer league was won by Robin Ellis with 42 pts

The 1st Ladies Summer Stableford was won by  Mair Morgan with 37 pts while their GUW Medal 2 was won by Barbara Phillips with a net 73.

The Presidents Cup saw Alan Webster shooting a fantastic  71 gross (net 64) and Nathan Proctor triumphed yet again in the 4th Summer league with a net 73.

The Seniors had their 2nd Medal of the year the overall winner was Iain Collis with a net 65. Div 1 winner was Kenneth Taylor net 69 and Div 2 winner Colin Robery with a net 68.

The month eneded with a Gents Medal in rather wet conditions with Nathan Proctor again winning with a net 66.

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