Location / Department:  Haverfordwest Golf Club Date:  May 2018
Risk Assessment:  Emergency Procedures Reference:   A 1



The following procedures are to be adopted should anyone require assistance, make contact with the club and/or emergency services.

Safety of Members and Visitors to our Club is paramount.

All members should familiarise themselves with where the Defibrillators are situated and how they may access them. You never know when you may be called upon to act!

It is recommended that players arrange for one person at least to carry mobile phone in their golf bag (switched off) in order to make a telephone call in an emergency.
  1. Give the following information
  2. Details of the incident or illness
  3. The exact location of the casualty:

(e.g. 10th hole, Haverfordwest Golf Club, Arnolds Down, SA61 2XQ)

  1. One of the group be prepared to meet the ambulance at the Pro Shop / Main Car Park in order to direct them to the casualty
  2. Please be aware that the ambulance crew will undertake a dynamic risk assessment as to what actions they will take, this will include taking the ambulance on to the course –
  3. (Remember you have that local knowledge of the course)
  4. WEST WALES AMBULANCES have been directed to attend the Pro Shop in the first instance, use of any buggies available should be considered,
  5. Green keepers have vehicles which may assist in the transport of persons / injured parties if course conditions are deemed unsuitable by emergency services to take their vehicle(s) on to the course


Contact one of the following via the generic telephone number
01437 764523 and select one of the following options:-
    • PRO SHOP (direct number 01437 768409)




The Club has two defibrillators:


  1. Located on the outside wall of the Pro Shop (a sign indicates its whereabouts)
  2. In the hut adjacent to the 11th Tee), (a sign on the door indicates its location)



When playing on the course in bad weather, in the event of a thunderstorm with or without lightning, common sense dictates that play in these circumstances must be discontinued in the interest of safety.

If there is an imminent risk of lightning, play must be discontinued


Even if the course status is Open, in the event of fog and ice common sense must be used.

Players have a duty of care not to behave in such a way that others may be injured by their actions. They also have a duty to take care not to injure themselves.

If conditions are foggy, or you are unable to see where the ball is likely to land, (being able to see the 1st green from the 1st tee is a good indicator) or ground conditions are such that it is impossible to judge how far the ball is likely to travel, do not play.

Playing in such conditions is dangerous – Players would do so at their own risk


It is the responsibility of Members and Visitors to comply with the Emergency and Fire Procedures / Exits as detailed on notices and signs displayed in the Clubhouse

In the case of evacuation of the Clubhouse, please go to the Assembly Point at the far end of the car park adjacent to the 15th Tee.


For additional information please see COURSE CLOSURE POLICY on the website



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